Why choose us?

  • Because, we practiced the Responsible Tourism:“We spread to the rational and sustainable use of the nature, organizing expeditions of Adventure Tourism with reduced groups that are adapted perfectly to the lifting capacity of each Ecosystem which we visited.”
    “Supply rational and sustainable use of the environment, organizing reduced groups that are adapted perfectly to the lifting capacity of each Ecosystem which we are visiting”
  • Because, We use portable toilets with biodegradable dusts into a bag, the waste it is   carry out to the cty for deposit  for its later treatment in our office.
  • We pay to our helpers salaries according  the standards established by Tourism organizations.
  • For our logistic Support: We are growing  constantly we have a B&B Hostel ” La Casa de Maruja” Hostel, designed for provide maximun relaxing for mountaineering people that look for tranquility, comfort and familiar treatment.
  • For our Mountain shop, CLEAN EARTH, in there we provide mountain gear , renting and manufacturing, such as :dining tents, toilet tents, portable tables, kitchen tents, rucksacks that guarantees the quality  in our services.
  • For our Profesionalism , carism ,well treatment and long experience
  • Because, we expend part of our salary  to promote events for helping poor children, like: gift of toys and Christmas each Year. Also we are promoting the Mountaineering training for poor kids who lives on the street, totally free.
  • We are one of the Peruvian Tour Operator of greater trustworthiness, by our quality, and bussiness Ethics, that is reflected in our efficience and loyalty. We represent Travel Companies from the world respecting their confidence.
  • Our company it’s legal , Oficially it is named  : “Maruja Colonia Adventures E.I.R.L” with Tax Identification number: 20449396813, located  in Las Esmeraldas 146- Palmira -Independencia Huaraz Peru. Also we are registered in Tourism and Industry Ministry in Peru ( Huaraz and Cuzco ,through our partner). and National Park Huascaran.
  • Our emergency phone works 24 hours. Call to Us at 051-43-222538.Or by e mail: mcolonia01@hotmail.com .
  • Each year all our team participate in Training courses related about Tourism topics.
Smiling clients in home

Smiling clients in home