Who are we?

cordillera_blancaLet introduce you our business philosophy , which is practiced as a life style in all our organization.


“We spread to the rational and sustainable use of the nature, organizing expeditions of Adventure Tourism with reduced groups that are adapted perfectly to the lifting capacity of each Ecosystem which we visited.”
“Supply rational and sustainable use of the environment, organizing reduced groups that are adapted perfectly to the lifting capacity of each Ecosystem which we are visiting” Colonia adventure practice and promote the Responsible and sustainable Tourism in Peru.

Colonia Adventures was founded 1995 as an adventure, cultural and ecological tourism operator in Peru, South America. Years of professional and management experience in the tourist market have given us the ability to provide high quality service for all of our activities. Our company is growing rapidly due to our friendly, professional staff and continued customer satisfaction. Colonia Adventures is dedicated to providing an enjoyable and exciting trip for you. Our main goal is to help the communities in the highland, jungle and coastal areas by promoting development and local employment in tourism, and to maintain the beauty of nature by caring for the environment in all the areas we are visiting.

Colonia Adventures dedicates total professional effort so that you can enjoy an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime and entertaining experience during your visit to Peru. Further, one of our main concerns is to promote the development of the communities of the Andean high mountains, through sustainable tourism, and providing them with employment opportunities. We use houses, restaurants and businesses exclusively owned by local people in these communities All our guides are local to the places where we develop our tours. and we give advice and education to these people so that they have the same standards of service, high conservation values and take care of their natural surroundings and historical legacy.

Now,we belongs the mountaineering family of the world becaming friendship and keeping this since long time ago with world- class climbers in the world. Such us, Allison Levine ( USA)Maury McKinney (USA), Rick Wilcox (the USA-Everest) USA, Mark Richey (the USA-Everest) the USA, Mike Michaels (the USA), Klauss Schaefer (Germany), Randy and Megan Emmons (the USA), Milton Sams (Australia), Beat Supersaxo (Switzerland) Leon Watts ( USA) , Lesley Clarke ( USA) them can give you our references about our professional services in Tourism.

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