Pachacamac Archeological Site & Barranco

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We will begin by picking you up from the hotel and start the tour with a panoramic view of the Huaca Pucllana.Then visit the splendid and vast archaeological citadel of Pachacamac, featuring buildings dedicated to the most important deity of the coast of Peru.


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Visit The Msytery Of The Inca Gods – 4 Hours Of Guided Tour

Pachacamac is an impressive Inca sanctuary which is considered, along with Cusco, to be the main place of worship in pre-Hispanic Peru. Pachacamac is a large adobe bricks-constructed Inca structure (200AC) about one hour outside central Lima, was an expansive, impressive introduction to the ever-ending ruins of Peru. Pachacamac fortress is surrounded by various monuments, with temples, great pyramid, small palaces and carefully restored houses, and a spacious museum well-organized museums exhibit gold artifacts, vessels made of ceramics and textiles used by the ancient Peruvians.
Pachacamac is Quechua name means “that which gives life to the world”, this archaeological site is situated just south of the city of Lima. Pachacamac is best known for its durable regional and pan-Andean religious significance and is often characterized as the preeminent religious center of coastal Peru. The history say that people from all over the coast, even from the highlands came to this place to honour Pachacamac, bringing along many presents made of gold and silver, in the hope of being told what the destiny held for them.

Pachacamac Archeological Site & Barranco 6ITINERARY OF GUIDED TOUR TO PACHACAMAC RUIN

The tour begins in your hotel in Lima at 9AM or 1PM(according your request). The participants will be picked up from their hotel according the booking time. One hour drive out of Lima where is the ancient pre-Columbian Pachacamac Pilgrimage Centre, this impressive archaeological site is located at the top of one hill next of fertile valley of Lurin and the Pacific Ocean. Our guide will start the walking tour into the most important sectors of Pachacamac as a temple for worshipping the Sun God, the complex is mostly constructed from mud bricks or adobe. The Temple housed an oracle and is considered as one of the Main Ceremonial Centres of pre-Hispanic Peru. Visit the great pyramid, going up by the ancient ramps that will lead us to the highest point, from where we will have a stunning view of Valley of Lurin and the Pacific Ocean. Afterwards we will go to the Temple of the Sun, built with four platforms with a trapezoidal shape, forming another pyramid. The Temple of the Sun was built by the Incas when they expanded their forces on the Peruvian coast. In its architecture is possible to recognize the classic Inca style. Pilgrims flocked here from far and wide to worship Pachacamac, believed to be the Creator of the World and all of its creatures. The best preserved area is the Inca-built section (1440-1533). One of the most preserve buildings is the Acllahuasi or place of the Chosen Women, a religious place dedicated solely to the service of the temples and the manufacture of fine textiles for the nobility. After to visit the complex we walk downhill to the visit the local museum housing where will see remains of the artistic expressions from the various cultures that inhabited the Sanctuary of Pachacamac, such as pottery, textiles and a great carved wood, which is believed to be representing the divine image of Pachacamac God.
Free time for lunch or quick return to the hotel driving along the shores of Lima beaches.


Pachacamac Archeological Site & Barranco

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