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Huancayo offers an atmosphere almost akin to something out of the Wild West, successfully combining appealing modern and traditional elements. Huancayo serves as an important tourist destination for the Junin Region and the Rio Mantaro Valley, and boasts an abundance of culture, fiestas and fine dining.


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Traditional Huancayo, 1st day of sightseeing

For our trip to Huancayo, chose the Friday, August 3 (a week after national holidays) thinking that the passages of the bus BE cheap but it was not, later I knew it was the festival of Santiago in Huancayo.
I went to the terminal Herbalists almost 10:00 pm and all buses charge 50 soles per person, and we were there decided to take one and continue the journey. After 7 hours we arrived, they were 5:30 am and waited until 6 to take a taxi to the square. It was almost empty, we walked to take some pictures when a tour operator who explained that there are 5 tours approached are the following:
* Traditional Tour (35 soles, from 10:30 am to 7:00 pm)
* Tour Archaeological (35 soles from 10:30 am to 6:00 pm)
* Tour Nevado Huaytapallana (45 soles, from 07:00 am to 8:00 pm)Huancayo 1
* Tour Selva (90 soles, from 6:00 am to 11:30 pm) and
* City Tour (25 soles from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm)
All include mobility and tour guide as we had only two days (Saturday and Sunday) took the first two tours, but as it was still early we recommended going to the park of Identity Wanka (opens 8:30 am, free admission), I went by taxi without waiting too … but I was pleasantly surprised, this beautiful, caring and safe. Then back to the square to wait for the tour.It was so we started to know famous Hualhuas for their looms, then went to St. Jerome famous for its goldsmiths, there one Abelino sympathetic showed us the way it works, then we went to Concepcion to meet a dairy factory and taste yogurt and cheese ( this was the weakest), then we went to see the lagoon JAUJA PACA and not go through the city, but direct lagoon. There are boating and you have some leyendes place, to return and my suggestion went through the city because I wanted to know the Church of the Poor Christ, which is a small replica of its counterpart in Spain. I can not end
my visit to Jauja without commenting how bad I found it almost deserted and because, I think of their rulers. Since about 3:00 pm we went to lunch near the Piscigranja El Ingenio, in a place far IntiWasi call nice inside with some archeological ruins huancas. After lunch we went to meet the El Ingenio trout farm was on the side (cover charge).Finally we went to the last place to visit called The Convent Ocopa order of the Franciscans, the entry costs 5 soles, not encourage me to enter this tired something and not let in with camera, but from friends who went said that was more or less. We returned to the main square at 7:00 pm and immediately separate tour for the next day, then I found an ATM BCP in a corner of the square and separates a hotel for the night (35 soles) with TV , cable TV, private bathroom and hot water.